Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OH-18 Senate Seat: The Gloves are Coming Off--say NO! to Taxn' Trustee Galloway!

This blog has discussed on-and-off the implications of State Senator Tim Grendell's election to the OH-98 House of Representatives Seat.  This blog has also been privy to a lot of inside information regarding who MIGHT be Tim Grendell's successor.

It seems that the News-Herald finally caught onto this issue, over at their website today.

As this blog has pointed out Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway of Concord Township is seeking the seat.  Also, mentioned are former State Rep. Jaimie Callender, Bainbridge Township Trustee Matt Lynch, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, former State Senator Bob Gardner, and Former State Rep. Matt Dolan.

Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway is a disaster of a pick.  First off, this appointment is for a State Senate Seat by the State Senate Republican Caucus.  Chris Galloway should be disqualied right here.  Why?

Taxn' Trustee Galloway has been a paid consultant for the Ohio Democratic Party.  Chris Galloway's Red State Strategies has been paid twice for work by the Ohio Democratic Party:   Galloway's firm was paid $3,947.83 on 10/28/2009 and $10,848.55 on 11/09/09.  See the documents below.

Chris Galloway should not be considered as a replacement for Tim Grendell on this basis alone.  Flat out.

However, things get worse for Galloway.  Galloway has earned the name Taxn' Trustee because he worked to raise taxes on his residents by getting a "safety levy" passed.  Yikes!  Galloway worked to raise taxes!  It gets worse.  A client of Chris Galloway, Lake County Commissioner Ray Sines, politically benefited by the tax increase; that is, Galloway helped potential client Sheriff Dan Dunlap balance the budget in Lake County thereby taking pressure off of Ray Sines.

Can it get any worse for a Galloway campaign to replace Grendell?  Oh Yes!

Recently, someone asked can we trust a Taxn' Trustee that doesn't even own property in Concord Township, or OH-18 for that matter?  No we can't.

See, Taxn' Trustee has an inside man.  State Senator Tom Patton is working to get Galloway appointed.  Tom Patton is a former democrat that Galloway used to work with.

Sources tell us Tim Grendell may not even take the OH-98 seat and stay in the Senate.  That would be great!

Last thought:  What do Taxn' Trustee Galloway's pals think about him being a paid democrat party operative?  Do they suggest Taxn' Trustee Galloway is thrown out of his party, censured, ????

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  1. Dolan is a former Democrat who once ran against Diane Grendell AS A DEMOCRAT, then flamboyantly moved out of this district, but not before voting for the Democrat's retroactive tax increase (and giving a floor speech berating Republicans for not taxing more). Lynch is unheard of, has no track record, and doesn't have the ability to win. Gardner is also someone who WANTS to raise taxes, and is pro-choice to boot. Galloway, in addition to the issues you pointed out, spend almost $500,000 of REPUBLICAN money to retain the House seat that Jamie Callender held for 8 years, and he still wasn't able to get the support of the voters. Diane Grendell once sued several of the current Senators (not sure that is a bad thing) and will thus never get the appointment. Besides, why would any sane human give up $130,000 a year and a six year term for $60,000 and a four year term and term limits?
    That leaves Callender. He is generally good on the issues. He has received national awards for his support of the Second Amendment, he is very strong pro-life, and his record (but for one big blemmish-the Taft budget that included a "temporary" tax increase) was anti-tax. He seems to genuinely regret that one vote, and over his 8 years, he steadfastly faught off MANY attempts to raise taxes. He also is one of the few Republicans to REALLY work for Dave Fiebig this year, and certainly knows which team he plays for.
    Given all of this, it seems that Jamie Callender is the best option.


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