Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PD Endorsement List Grows, News-Herald Trailing FAR Behind (as usual)

PD 2010 endorsements, updated to reflect Richard Cordray announcement.

We will let the Raw Dealer's own words speak for themselves
Four years ago, after the very skilled incumbent Jim Petro chose not to seek re- election, Ohio voters picked Democrat Marc Dann to be their attorney general. It turned out to be a spectacular mistake.
It's funny how the Raw Dealer leaves out the fact it endorsed the former disgraced and soiled Marc Dann--it's shocking that they leave this out and blame the voters they helped mislead.  Shame on you Raw Dealer!  The Raw Dealer cites Dewine's campaign ads that mock Cordray for not intervening in Crooked (cuyahoga) County as a big reason for their decision; that is, the Raw Dealer says that the State Attorney General should not have gotten involved.  What?  Why did the State of Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification get involved in investigating Sheriff McFaul (McFelon)?

Excuse me Pee Dee, why was it ok for agents of the State of Ohio to raid the Sheriff McFelon's Office?  Sheriff McFelon was already being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Intimidation (FBI).   Where is the rebuke of the State of Ohio there??

Better yet, why did the Pee Dee wait until after Sheriff McFelon's last re-election to start publishing its faux investigation articles?  The Pee Dee would have you think it knew nothing about anything until days after McFelon's last re-election. BS.  The Pee Dee waited so that Crooked County's Democrat Party (it's Executive Committee) could hand select a replacement to be rubber stamped by it's Central Committee.

No wonder you employ Connie Schultz Brown.

News-Herald endorsements far behind.

Richard Cordray's mock, faux comb-over should have disqualified him.

Pondering explosive news....

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