Thursday, October 7, 2010

...OH-62 and OH-63, Continued.

Last night we promised more commentary about the House races in Lake County, in particular, OH-63.

OH-63 has been a very, very, very, very, very, ..., extremely disappointing race.  Why?  There has been little to no race in OH-63--aside from the many Mark Schneider signs littering Mentor and the other OH-63 municipalities.

Some thoughts.  Mark Schneider is strong campaigner, but a carpet bagging; tax raising; money grubbing lawyer who has taken a lot of campaign money from Cuyahoga County.  Mark Schneider raised income taxes 4.2% for 2009 and 2010, and raised numerous fees by voting for House Bill 1.  Schneider can smile, knock on doors, shake hands, and stick his hand out to unions very well though.

Furthermore, the Ohio House Democrats MUST hold OH-63, MUST! in order to hold the majority. Finally, former State Rep. Ron Young is as conservative as they come--and well known to hate taxes.  Young's hatred of taxes is second to none.


Schneider = bad, big democrat machine, big government, tax hikes, fees, all "labored" up, on the union take----and CONNECTED TO CROOKED COUNTY PROSECUTOR BILL MASON.  That's right, Schneider was an assistant Crooked County Prosecutor who has accepted donations for from Mason.

Young = hater of all things tax, strong social conservative, beat squishy Ray Sines, small business owner.

The equation seems right for both House Caucuses to target the race!  However, we don't see any of those menacing TV ads, hear any radio ads, etc.

What gives?

The pulse of things is that Mark Schneider has been given up on by the Ohio House Democrat Caucus.  If things continue to stay the course tax, tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend, spend Mark Schneider will have to go to Bob Dicello's office more often and help him with his lame radio show.

We wonder if State Senator soon to be Representative Grendell will be upset that his good friend Mark Schneider will get beaten by Ron Young.  Grendell hates Young.  A Young win will not bode well for Grendell's run House Speaker.

God save us.

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