Monday, December 20, 2010

News-Herald Avoiding News Again: Lorraine Fende's EX-HUSBAND Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

Yep.  The News-Herald confirms that Daniel Serge, the EX-husband of State Representative Lorraine Fende, plead guilty to child porn charges.

Why is the News-Herald avoiding facts that are public record?

Daniel Serge, guilty of child porn, was married to State Representative Lorraine Fende.


  1. Please explain your point? How mant years have they been divorced? Does this point to Ms. Fende somehow being involved in child porn?
    Or could this just be a way to smear someone? Again please explain.

  2. Plain and simple: public records show that Lorraine Serge was granted a dissolution of marriage from Daniel Serge in 1992. Facts are facts.

    Are you upset with the Plain Dealer and WOIO for reporting this fact?

  3. FYI here are the records:

  4. I question her judgment. This is pretty sick.

  5. Exactly right Anon2! Poor judge of character on Lorraine fende's part. Some will say "who cares, she divorced him.". Who knows, given the guy's inclinations he might have divorced her. Either way, this is news. The usual go along to get along lake county types, like the News-less Herald, want to be liked.


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