Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake County's Freedom Fighters: fighting for democracy!

We found this picture over at Councilman Reichelt's webpage. From left to right, Councilman-at-large Dave Reichelt, Council President Kevin Malecek, and Mayor Bob Weger.  Nice photo-op.  We thought it would be good to share with the public some of the smiling faces that are working to preserve democracy in Lake County.

After all, these freedom fighters said in today's New-Herald fighting against the tax increase--woops--giving the residents the right to choose is undemocratic.

"I was very disappointed at the committee's action (July 12)," Weger said. "Nancy Fellows and David Fiebig (are) on the finance committee and they just feel they don't have enough information.

"They're basically holding up the democratic process of letting the people decide whether or not they want this. We need to think of the needs of the city and the health, safety and welfare of the citizens.

Side note: Councilman Reichelt hasn't said a lot publicly, just on your anti-democratic blog here.

Time to pay back those safety forces!


  1. To all anonymous posters and bloggers:

    Once again, I am urging everyone on this site to quit hiding behind "anonymous" labels. If you have an opinion, express it. Just tell the rest of us who you are. Only then can we determine the credibility of your opinions.

    Of course, I also urge the blogger to reveal his/her identity so that his readers can ascertain the validity of the comments.

    While posters think they are being anonymous. the owner of this site has the ability to identify your URL, and if he/she works hard enough, can eventually identify you. So why not make your name public in the first place?

    It seems to me that posters would be better served by reading The News-Herald and sending your opinions to "Letters to The Editor". If you include your name and how you can be reached(for verification purposes) they will publish your letter and thus you opinions will be exposed to many more voters that this blog will ever reach.

  2. You are spot on about those pesky anonymous commentors not really being anonymous.

    For instance, on the preceding the two comments were left by anonymous commentors.

    However, the IP address recorded is The server name is, get this, "Willoughby-hills-police-dept."


    The anonymous comments bandits are from the Willoughby Hills Police Department! LOL!

    It gets better. We label every IP address and server name visiting and track activity.

  3. Actually, I will dissagree. The blogger has referred to our historical roots and the benefit of anonymous identity to freedom of speech. In the case of the IP addresses, many of us know who the blogger is, and don't blow his ID, and I believe that keeps him from blowing ours. While I certainly do not agree with everything that the blogger posts, I will defend his right to post it, and the commentors rights to post their comments. We can then chose to either comment back and correct errors we spot, or chose to ignore the blog.

  4. To LakeCountyOH,

    As I am becoming a regular reader of your blog, I want thanks you, openly and publicly, for posting the picture from a page on my website. I am proud of my record of promoting safety services for my constituents and appreciate your promoting visits to my website,, for all to see.

    I particularly like that you selected a photo that has some interesting history. If you haven't figured out that mystery just yet, check with your colleagues - the'll be able to fill you in.

    By the way, regarding your little innuendo "time to pay back those safety forces" - why not fully explain, for all of the readers, exactly what you mean, and elighten me in the process. Are suggesting some wrong-doing, because I am not a party to any and would love to know more about this big scoop of "inside information" that you must have.

    Let's start dealing with facts!

    Thanks again!

  5. Dave: Your welcome! Make sure you note that we referenced that the image was taken from your website, and we linked to your website.

  6. "Your welcome"?!!! Spell check wouldn't have helped with this one. It's not carelessness, or sloppy work, it is just plain stupid. Consider a remedial course in English.

  7. Argh!

    Dave: You are welcome! Make sure you note that we referenced that the image was taken from your website, and we linked to your website.

  8. Steve,

    I thought you might like this excerpt from a paragraph written by a professional journalist and reviewed by professional copy editor at the News-Herald:

    By Brandon C. Baker

    Massive telecom overhaul coming in September

    "...According the bill, incumbent local exchange carriers or landline service providers can increase rates by $1.25 per month, or $15 per year if they can prove that two other providers exist in the same area. That will hurt disadvantaged or rural customers, the OCC says, because providers only have to prove that competition before their initial price increase."



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