Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tax Watch: Your wallet will be getting lighter!

It just doesn't end, does it?  Remember when you were a kid and you looked forward to getting mail...then at some point opening the mail box became scary?  Now, its just bills...bills...bills...requests for documentation, and GLOSSY MAILERS OF STEVE LATOURETTE AND BOB AUFULDISH TELLING YOU TO VOTE FOR A LEVY WHICH WAS ALSO ENDORSED BY BOB WEGER AND DAVE ANDERSON (I.E. THE DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES LEVY MAILER)?

We have told you about various money grabs around Lake County, like Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway's and Trustee Chuck Klco's handout to the Lake County Sherrif to what the Sherriff is mandated to do (i.e. police townships).

We have more money grabs to talk about (later), but need to tell you what's coming down the pipe now.

DOUBLE DIPPN' SUPERINTENDENT KEITH "MONEY BAGS" MILLER and the Willoughby-Eastlake School Board are asking for more money.  "Money Bags" Keith Miller and Treasurer Cliff Reinhardt are getting good at asking for more money.

Case in point, "Money Bags" Miller likes to brag about the one year wage freeze he negotiated with WES' bargaining units...then wham! Months later "Money Bags" gets a levy passed will reward the unions.

Side note:  Is a similar trick being played in Willoughby Hills?  Wasn't there a wage freeze negotiated with safety forces?  Pay back should be coming due soon on that one!

Today we learned that the Lake County Commisioners will be placing a levy on the ballot to support Morely Library.

This is getting depressing...let's finish later.

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