Wednesday, July 14, 2010

JUST ASKN': where have the Concord Township Trustee meeting minutes gone lately?

Perhaps the person who prepares and posts the Concord Township meeting minutes retreated to a lower taxed area..., say Florida.  Maybe, that's why there have been no meeting minutes posted for four months.

We have been looking for Concord Township Trustee meeting minutes for the past few months.  However, it seems that there are no meeting minutes posted for Trustee meetings AFTER the 4/21/10 meeting.

See here.  No minutes past 4/21/10.  There is a disclaimer on the webpage that says that meeting minutes will not appear until approved by the Trustees.

According to a link for Concord Township's Trustee meetings video archives there have been four (4) Trustee meetings since the 4/21/10.  See here.

Here's why we are "just askn:"
Concord Twp Trustee 4-21-10
According to Page two (2) of the 4/21/10 Trustee meeting, the Trustee Correspondance section, Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway had nothing to say about the Police District levy.  Instead, the Taxn' Trustee punted to the Lake County Township Association.

We keep looking for the Trustee Meeting minutes to see if there is any new talk about the Police District Levy...but, there's nothn', notta, zip, meeting minutes.

So, where are the Concord Township Trustee meeting minutes for the past four meetings?

Just askn'!?!

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