Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lorraine Fende's ex-husband back in the news

Mayfield Heights fire captain to be arraigned today - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

We reported that fire captain Daniel Serge is State Rep. Lorraine Fende's ex-husband when this story first broke. Of course, the News-Herald failed to mention anything about fire captain Serge's link to Rep. Fende.


  1. Total cheap shot at Lorraine, she divorced him almost twenty years ago. It is completely unreasonable to think she could have foreseen this prior to her marriage to him.

    Is this really the best you can come up with?

  2. Actually, we posted the original dissolution of marriage, including the entire court docket not to long ago.

    But, we digress.... We have written pages about Liberal Lorraine Fende here...volumes! Most of what we have written has been about Fende's love for tax hikes, fees, other taxes, etc.

    Hey wait a minute! Doesn't Bob Weger love tax hikes, tax levies, and the like? IS that why Weger won't endorse Dave Fiebig for State Rep.? Or, is the reason why Weger's non-endorsement of Fiebig (which really endorses Fende) due to an appropriations request made by Fende for Willoughby Hills?

    You probably knew all this though since the server name and IP address that made this comment comes back to Willoughby Hills Police Department.

  3. First sentence should read, "Actually, we posted the original dissolution of marriage, including the entire court docket not TOO long ago."

    We don't want to be like the News-Herald or Plain Dealer and leave typos uncorrected!

  4. I would not want to endorse Dave Fiebig either, and it has nothing to do with taxes. Dave chose to stand against one of the most fundamental freedoms we have, the right to vote. Mr. Fiebig was not voting on a tax issue, he voted to block the voice of the people.

    Furthermore, it looks like the only reason he did so, was to advance his own agenda. You talk about people on the “left”, this is the kind of tactics they use all of the time. What is the message that Dave is trying to send? Is it that the government knows what’s people, so no vote for you? Talk about a “Nanny Sate”… or perhaps just the opposite, but equally bad, a Libertarian State” no laws or rules at all.

  5. We the voters will have a choice. Behind Door 1 will be a tax increase. Behind Door 2 will be some dastardly consequences yet to be explained. Dave suggested there are other potential alternatives and I applaud him for his backbone. In any event no hand wringing is really necessary because there will be a choice between the two doors.


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