Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WH Council to make taxing decision - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

WH Council to make taxing decision - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio

We don't even know where to start with this article, so the scathing commentary will come later. However, we must point out that Bob Weger is a disingenuous, manipulative drama queen. Certain members of The Willoughby Hills City Council are little pawns in lazy Weger's game of duping the voters with superficial spending cuts and rhetoric.

Weger and certain WH Councilmen are reading from the same script: talking about "the democratic process," safety forces etc.

This levy is a payback for the wage freeze negotiated with the police...if Weger et al don't deliver they are afraid the WH police will stop writing tickets. Can't have those ticket writing machines in dodge chargers stop brining in the bucks!?!

Here's an idea, how about finding out if it is cheaper to get vehicles repaired other than at Willoughby Hills Auto Repair, at the top rate, Mr. Weger. Wasn't the owner a contributor to his campaign??


  1. Wow! Such harsh and bitter accusations! Do yourself a favor. Check your spelling and grammer before you submit your rant and defamation of someone's character. Shameful!

  2. This post is disingenuous! City Council is not trying to put on a levy or tax increase. City Council is simply trying to give a choice to the voters in Willoughby Hills whether they want to increase taxes. To the writer of this blog, remember this: “Everybody has a right to their opinion, but nobody has a right to be wrong in their facts”
    I’m guessing whoever you are; you must be on the far left fringe of politics. Because that is the only group I know of, who would try to block voting to get their way….


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