Friday, June 4, 2010

Townships Consider Levies with Eye on Lake County Sheriff’s Road Patrols: TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES SETTING STAGE FOR TAX INCREASE

Townships consider levies with eye on Lake County Sheriff’s road patrols 


Read the article.

The important part to pay attention to is that the Lake County Township Association (no website) met and has discussed the idea of a "safety levy."  The article then goes on to point out that Leroy Township Trustee Chuck Klo is pondering a 0.8 mil worth $24.50 per $100, 000 of valuation.

Ding Ding Ding!

The Trustees of Lake County Townships must have discussed how much money they think they need.

The Lake County Township Association and the News-Herald are clearly setting the stage for a well orchestrated "play" for more of your money.

It's interesting to see who else was quoted in this article.

Concord Township Trustee Chris Galloway said,

"We don't want our residents to pay to maintain or increase their current level of protection, ...and then have the County cut the protection we already have by the same amount."

WHAT TRUSTEE GALLOWAY DID NOT SAY IS EVEN MORE TELLING.  Trustee Galloway did not defend the taxpayers from the standpoint of being over taxed already and entitled to a basic level of protection under law.  Trustee Galloway also did NOT take a stand against new taxes for Lake County Townships.  Instead, he worried about what would happen to services in light of an increase in taxes via a safety services levy.

Looks like Trustee Galloway and Trustee Klo are working on a new tax levy for residents of Lake County Townships.

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  1. Painesville Twp., Concord Twp. and Perry Twp. are all putting .8 mill levies on the November ballot. . .that's a fact. . .


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