Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Keep an Eye on Them!

The past two years news in North East Ohio has been packed with stories about investigations, indictments, criminal information filings, and guilty pleas from elected officials, their appointees, civil servants, and private contractros doing business with them.

A particularly despicable case was covered today: Former Cuyahoga County Sheriff Gerald McFaul appeared in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court to be arraigned on two felony counts of theft in office and one misdemeanor ethics charge.

The article states that McFaul will plead guilty this week.

This story and SEVERAL more we will discuss here this week should serve as a potent reminder to watch EVERY elected official, political appointee, and civil servant carefully.

Don't be fooled into thinking the problems we have read about in Cuyahoga County are endemic to that County.

Where ever people,  money and power can be found a suspicious eye must look.

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  1. I understand that a trustee of a township and a lobbyist for a hospital are being investigated for improper lodging and meals provided by the lobbyist to the trustee. The township in question allowed the hospital in question to build a large facility there recently.


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