Friday, June 11, 2010

Willoughby Hills Officials Going to Meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

It looks like the City of Willoughby Hills is sending some officials to Washington D.C. to meet with the FAA.  This meeting, according to the News-Herald, is in regard to a planned airport expansion of Cuyahoga County Airport that is not planned to take place for 10 - 15 years.


We are wondering how engaged Willoughby Hills Officials are in the ongoing discussion regarding Jim Brown's private Lost Nation Airport (LNA) in Willoughby.

Let's not forget that LNA is in Lake County, like Willoughby Hills.  Side note: sure the Cuyahoga County Airport is adjacent to Willoughby Hills, some of which is in Willoughby Hills.  So, that "Not in my back yard" mentality is strong.

Anyhow, in about six years the City of Willoughby can close LNA...or, can keep it open.  Some speculate that Lake County will use the Lake County Port Authority to buy LNA.  This means the citizens of Lake County will have to finance this purchase, and the operating deficit of LNA.

Shouldn't this issue also concern Willoughby Hills?

Wait a minute!  Classic Lexus and Classic BMW are in Willoughby Hills.  Jim Brown's office is at Classic Lexus.  Hmmmmmmm.  Will Willoughby Hills Officials stick their necks out and oppose Jim Brown on Lost Nation Airport?

Not in my back yard!!!

Closing thought:  Willoughby Hills Officials are rightly concerned with the happenings at Cuyahoga County's right in their back yard!  However, a large business owner in Willoughby Hills is trying to USE Lake County to pay for his own private airport.


  1. WH Councilman Ray SomichJune 12, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    1) While CCA changes would perhaps not be made for ten years, the time to act is NOW. this is when the FAA studies are being ordered and when decisions are being made. If city officials waited ten years to act, they would be too late.

    2) WH officials have been directly involved in fighting CCA airport expansion for many, many years because properties, property values, transportation routes and public safety are involved. Changes at Lost Nation Airport have nothing to with any of these factors impacting WH residents.

    3) WH officials have continuously tried to get FAA and Ohio Transportation authorities and people running all 4 airports (Hopkins, Burke, CCA and LNA) to study the airport situation REGIONALLY. They have not been successful at getting these parties together... and it is beyond their power to demand such a meeting.

    4) The CCA issue has nothing to do with Jim Brown and it is absolutely absurd to suggest this when the fight against CCA has raged long before Classic opened dealerships in WH.

    5) For the record, WH did not "send its officials to Washington DC". All attendees went voluntarily and paid 100% of their own expenses.

  2. As always, thank-you for your thoughtful reply!

    Just wanted to make sure this comment got published ASAP. We will add our two cents later.


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