Friday, June 18, 2010

Trust our Local Government and their Appointees? Former Brooklyn Mayor Ken Patton's Saga is a Case Study Teaching us to Remain Skeptical.

Over the past year the Plain Dealer has covered allegations that Brooklyn, Ohio Mayor Ken Patton was accused of being drunk at City Hall.  Further allegations surfaced that Mayor Patton sexually/physically assaulted an aide at City Hall until other workers intervened.

One of the reasons we continue to press local elected officials, their appointed boards, etc. is the lies, coverups, arrogance, and wagon circling evident from the Ken Patton--"surprise leave of absence due to stress" -- turned "leave of absence due to alcohol problems" --turned resignation due to allegations of assault.

On February 9th, 2009 we first learned of Ken Patton's "surprise leave of absence."  In this article Brooklyn Law Director Tom Sharper lied to Brookyln residents about Ken Patton's situation.  Moving along...on September 18th, 2009 we learn that in the midst of recall effort Ken Patton was accused of assault and sexual harassment.  Ken Patton resigned in short order.

The funny part about Patton's decision to resign is that the next Law Director, Scott Clausen, said

"Once Patton realized he was eligible for full retirement, ..., he decided to leave."
Ha Ha Ha Ha.

That says it all, does't it?!  

Now, we see that a City Law Director lied about Ken Patton's original decision to take leave...Ken Patton only left office when he found out he would get a pension and benefits...and last but not least, Patton got two years probation.

Local elected officials and their appointees want us to trust them? Ha.

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