Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Problem with these Small(er) Airports

The Plain Dealer, or Raw Dealer, covers a story about the firefighting needs at Cuyahoga County Airport (CCA).

It seems that the CCA dropped its FAA certification--some think in order to get around the budgetary constraint of having to employ a fire fighting force.

So, who has to take over--that's right!  Our friends in Willoughby Hills, Highland Heights, and Richmond Heights.

These three cities should NOT, and we repeat should NOT have to pay the bills for CCA.

Willoughby Hills has been having its share of budgetary issues lately--and so has Richmond Heights.

Therefore, CCA and Cuyahoga County should NOT burden these cities and make them responsible for being first responders.

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  1. OK, I'm not commenting in the right place, but what happened to the other postings referring to the missing topic? Why were they removed?


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