Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Taxes are Coming: Lakeland Levy, Township "Safety" Levy, and a Willoughby Hills Income Tax __________ (fill in the blank).

The hands getting ready to reach into your pockets are getting numerous in Lake County.

Let's see, to start we have the Lakeland levy that will increase by 400%, Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway's (& Trustee Chuck Klco's and Trustee Jeanette Crislip's) "safety" levy, and...that's right...the Willoughby Hills income tax increase--no wait credit--no wait tax legislation reform--income tax decrease for some, but not others....

Here's what we will do for now.  When we talk about the Willoughby Hills income tax increase--no wait credit--no wait tax legislation reform--income tax decrease for some, but not others, we will refer to as

the Willoughby Hills Income Tax _______.

Lakeland wants to "replace" the $11 per $100, 000 of valuation they get with...get this...a $44 per $100, 000 levy.  Taxn' Trustee Chris Galloway, Trustee Chuck Klco and Trustee Crislip are trying to get Lake County Township residents to pay more for something they are legally entitled too: protection from The County Sherriff.

Last but not least, our friends in Willoughby Hills are at it again!  After swinging and missing this past spring/winter the Willoughby Hills City Council and Mayor have started their campaign for a Willoughby Hills Income Tax ________.

At least this time Mayor Weger and Willoughby Hills City Council heeded our advice: work with the News-Herald...get the News-Herald to do stories on how you cut everything you could...then go after the money!  Mayor Weger has not seen a tax increase he does not like.   Weger has supported every tax increase that could affect Willoughby Hills.

Will Weger and City Council get their Willoughby Hills Income Tax ________ this time?

So sad.

Here's something funny: on June 23rd we tried to get Candidate Dave Fiebig to realize that he needs to pound Liberal Lorraine Fende on taxes...then comes June 24th...a Willoughby Hills Income Tax ______ being considered.


  1. The college advertises on television for more students. They claim that 40% of their students are out of county. The simple reasoning is don't advertise and if almost half of your student body don't live here, well charge them more.

  2. Will they reopen the math lab? Student services have been cut. Every new prof. is partime, the cops earn more then the people doing the educating. Sorry NO!

  3. If Lake County voters fall for these, we deserve what we get.
    Govt at all levels is looking for ways to pay for cover budget deficits. The Dispatch recently reported a plan in Dublin to fine homeowners $100 a day for a trash can not out of plain sight. This puts speeding-ticket quotas for police departments to shame.
    Govt -- at all levels -- must simplify. Govt is a behemoth and it should do the most basic services and nothing else.


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