Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The $8 Billion Mess: Lake County State Rep. Candidates Need to Pound Fende and Schneider for Tax and Fee Increases

Last week the Cleveland Plain Dealer reminded us that the State of Ohio is staring at an $8 billion projected hole in the next budget.  Click here to see the Plain Dealer's reminder.  The budget shortfall is by no means new news.  In fact, the article reminds us that eleven months ago a bi-partisan commission was appointed to recommend possible remedies to the budget maladies caused by democrats in the Ohio House and the democrat Governor Ted Strickland.  That's right!  Elebudgven months of in action by the Ohio Budget and Planning Commission created by the House Democrats.  Eleven meetings.  A meeting is finally scheduled for June 29th, 2010.

How did we get in this mess?  Well, well.  The House Democrats proposed a budget, House Bill 1, with a paltry 1.7% cut to the budget.  Unfortunately, Senate President Bill Harris and a couple Senate Republicans went along with the tiny budget cut.  House Bill 1 was a doozy as we have pointed out earlier in the year.  Among the many many many fees increases Ohio residents have been subjected to increased professional licensure, increased automobile registration fees, ..., and the band marches on.

All these fee increases and we were still $8 billion short--Obama to the rescue!  $4 billion in one time stimulus money was used in combination with raids on the tobacco settlement money, Ohio Library Commission fund, and State School Facilities Commission fund AND---AND--GET THIS: a TAX INCREASE!  That's right.  In the wee hours of December 18th 2009 House Democrats conspired with five Ohio Sentate Republican traitors to raise $851 million by raising the State Income Tax.  This crime against Ohio residents was passed as House Bill 318.

Let's recap: $ 4 billion in Obama funny money + $ 4 billion stolen from State Funds +$851 million in income tax increases to plug the State Budget hole.

Yep, Both Liberal Lorraine Fende (D, OH-62) and Mark Schneider (D, OH-63) voted for the State Budget, House Bill 1, and the income tax increase passed last December 2009.

So, how does this $8 billion mess get cleaned up?  Is there going to be $ 8 billion in cuts to the 2012-2013 State Budget?

Message to Councilman-at-Large Dave Fiebig (Candidate for OH-62): pound Lorraine Fende hard on her tax and fee increasing ways, and come up with a sound plan to plug the budget hole without raising taxes.


  1. Mark Schneider will try and say that it wasn't a tax increase but was rather a spending freeze. Ohh and how do you think they are going to fill the $8 billion cutting government programs.....NOOO by raising our taxes....Vote NO for Schneider and Fende and Yes for Ron Young and Dave Fiebig...

  2. The tax "freeze" was at 2008 rates, not the lower 2009 rates. No matter what it's called, it is a tax increase. It's time to shake up the administration and bring in people who care - vote yes for Young, Fiebig, and Kasich for governor.

  3. Worse yet, take a look at Mark Schneider's campaign contributions. They come in large quantities from Cuyahoga County businesses and individuals and unions across Ohio and the nation. He is a disciple at the feet of Cuyahoga County political kingmaker Bill Mason. Schneider and Fende have put the Democratic party ahead of constituents. Why didn't they abandoned House Speaker Armond Budish by announcing that Lake County taxpayers come before the Democrats' retroactive taxes and unfunded mandates?


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