Thursday, June 24, 2010

Options for All The Closed Store Fronts

There are a lot of stores, restaurants and other businesses suffering the consequences of tax increases in our community.  Let's be clear: The income tax increase heaped on us by Ted Strickland, Lorraine Fende and Mark Scheider do the same damage as your local City Council raising income taxes, fees, etc.---and, that dastardly school board sneaking a levy though---and/or, that MR/DD type board sneaking a levy by us.

So, what can move in to some of those empty store fronts?  How about "legal" gambling at "internet cafes," or "sweep stakes cafes?"

Let's not forget that former Attorney General Marc Dann and Taxn' Ted Strickland brought us this blight on our community; disgraced former Attorney General Marc Dann tried to settle a law suit with a company looking to expand its gambling business into Ohio.  Other electronic gaming machine makers took this settlement as sign that Ohio was open for business.  Many think that Marc Dann did this because of the many donations he took from gambling interests.

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