Friday, May 28, 2010

Laketran Begging for More Tax Pay Money: Gen. Mgr. Jurkowski, Board Pres. Malecek, and Union Boss Degraff want more money

Over at today we learn that the Laketran Director, its Board President, and a Union thug are sticking their hands out to ask for more money, which would sink this Country into DEEPer debt.

Laketran General Manager Raymond Jurkowski, Board President Kevin Malecek, and Union Boss Richard Degraff all signed a letter written to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in support of the Public Transportation Act of 2010. This legislation would plunge America $2 billion more into debt so that public transit systems can avoid more cut backs.

It's no surprise that Willoughby Hills Council President, a democrat, Kevin Malecek and United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agriculture Implement Workers of America Local 1834 Chairman Richard Degraff would support increased deficit spending. Sickening.

All three men signing this letter have a vested interest in getting this law passed...paychecks, union support, etc.

This begging is just irresponsible and shameful.  The United States is heavily in debt--yet, Malecek, Jurkowski, and Degraff ask us to go further in debt to help a heavily publicly subsidized entity.  Disgusting.

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