Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Mark Schneider introduced H.B. 427 which would be used to funnel money from the families of deceased class action law suit defendants to local charities.

It's funny that the very well compensated Executive Director of the United Way of Lake County, Deborah Foley, traveled to Columbus to speak in support of the bill.  Funny?  Yes.  It's not surprising.  Foley, sister of Lake County Metropark Board of Commissioner President Ellen Foley Kessler, needs to raise a lot of money to pay the agencies expenses.  These expenses include her $117, 000 base salary.

What's even more interesting about this story is that State Sen Tim Grendell sponsored a companion bill, S.B. 157 in the Ohio Senate.

Grendell working close with Schnieder?  Hmmmmmm.

Wasn't there a controversy over Grendell's sort of endorsment of Mark Schneider in the race versus Carol Anne Schindell?  Ooooooops, Tim!  Are you giving everyone a little peak at your cards?

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