Monday, May 10, 2010

Political Expression: Geauga Constitutional Council

As any of the readers of this site can tell WE believe that freedom of speech is important.  Individuals, groups, companies, etc. need to be able to express themselves freely without fear of repercussion.

This Country was founded on a sharp political dialogue.  In fact, anonymous pamphleteering, and publication of thought in news papers was an important part in the birth of this Country's founding documents.  The Federalist Papers, for instance, were written anonymously.  It took careful study and many decades to figure out who wrote the Federalist Papers.

Anyhow, over the week-end the News-Herald ran a story about the Geauga Constitutional Council.  The article details how the group says it is dedicated to educating citizens about constitutional rights and personal responsibility via publications, ads, websites, etc. according to founder/director Ed Corsi.  However, the Geauga County Board of Elections has a different view.  According to Ed Ryder, a Geauga County Board of Elections Member, the group seeks to influence elections and is doing so in an illegal fashion.  Specifically, the group has allegedly been engaged in electioneering without properly disclosing details about its finances, organization, etc.

Visit the Geauga Consitutional Council's website here.  The group clearly endorses candidates.  Take a look at the group's endorsements here. At the top of the link discussing the May 2010 primary the group very, very strongly endorses Judge Eugene Lucci.  The group's website says with regard to the May 2010 primary between Judge Lucci and Judge O'toole
It's a no brainer...Judge Lucci is the one.
Take a look at this link, it goes on to engage in name calling about Judge O'toole referring to her as a liar (via comparison to Pinocchio) and "cry baby."  These are the words of the the author of the Geauga Constitutional Council's website.  Not ours.

Not to bore you guys, but the Geauga Constitutional Council wrote at least 11 items that seek to influence the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Race.

Moving along...The Geauga Constitutional Council made endorsements in Lake County for candidate Ron Young as well and many more in Geauga County. The group seem infatuated with State Sen. Tim Grendell and his quest to win OH-98's House Seat.

Please understand we cherish free speech, especially the ability to comment on news and politics.

If this group does in fact get found to be violating election law we wonder how it could influence the elections this fall.  How could it affect Judge Lucci's race this fall given that he said to be a long time close and personal friend of Ed Corsi, and has spoken at this group's events?  We think it would affect Tim Grendell less given how entrenched he is in Geauga County.

Some serious charges are being bandied about regarding Ed Corsi as well.  Stay Tuned.

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  1. Free speech is the foundation of our liberty. The only problem I see is an anonymous mailer going out with no person, or group taking credit for it.
    Joe Blow is a child molester, Justin Case robbed a bank in 1980 ect.
    People should know who and where the money is coming from when they back an issue or candidate.


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