Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tax Levies Steal Disposable Income

The News-Herald ran a telling article over at today.  Brandon C. Baker lamented in "Down Economy Means Fewer Jobs" there are fewer jobs for the kiddies at small businesses and local municipalities.

It's ironic that Baker included quotes from Mayor Bob Weger.  Ironic?  Yes.  Mayor Weger endorsed the MR/DD levy that just passed.  That levy will gobble more of our disposable income.  That's less money for us to spend at Scooter's World Famous Hotdog (a business in the story) meaning that the owner has less money to hire people.  We had to chuckle when Mayor Weger pointed out that Willoughby Hills has such a low income tax at 1.5%.  Chuckle?  Yep.  Mayor Weger had supported an income tax increase proposed by Willoughby Hills Council earlier this year.  Following the logic here Mayor Weger probably supported the Willoughby-Eastlake School and Library Levies.

So, Mr. Mayor--with all these levies passing and our disposable income being stolen--do you really think we are going to have the cash to go out and spend at small businesses like Scooter's Dawg Shop?

It was good to see that Mayor Weger pointed out that spending stopped six months ago and that the unions had to agree to wage freezes.  Also, he pointed out that looks like wage freezes will be in order for next year.  Sounds like a plan!!!!

It's also good to see that the the recreation department was cut from Willoughby Hills budget, according to the article. Good move Willoughby Hills!  Recreation is not an essential function of government.  Recreation departments could probably be cut from every budget.

Let's summarize a few things here.  First, the tax levies supported by Mayor Weger are BAD BAD BAD for the economy.  These tax levies steal disposable income that could be better spent by us.  Second, it looks like Willoughby Hills started to make appropriate cuts: no wage increases, cut the recreation department, etc.

However, we have to believe that this may be being used to set the stage for another attempt at raising the income tax.  Let's hope not!

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  1. Wage freeze? Great, now what about "step" increases?


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