Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Judge Lucci Wins Lake County BIG!

Congratulations Judge Lucci!  We mean that.  Your campaign worked hard, and wanted it...more than Judge O'toole's campaign.  You had a strong presence in Lake County.

Its unfortunate that your campaign has been called one of the dirtiest in local history, but you won none the less.

Guess you get what you pay for (the dirty campaign that is)!

The problem is that your General Election opponent enjoyed every minute of your primary.  Word has it Union support in Trumbull County could not be happier!

Real time results for all five counties here.


  1. Oh- but that's just what LaTourette wanted! He made a deal with the Wrights, and had to get O'Toole out. The only Republicans that have EVER won that seat have been female, and Lucci is not a great ballot name. The congressman talked Lucci into running by having his lackies (Cullota and Collins) tell him he could win, and that he "needed" to run. Lucci was "Promised" no Democrat would file, but he then forgotthat promise. Lucci even hired Loraine Fende as the grand jury foreman for political brownie points- kept Callender out of the race and helped Judge Allen........Lucci certainly is about to "take one for the team" even if he doesn't realize it yet....

  2. Judge Lucci has a lot more lackies then those you mentioned!

    The prosecutor's office is full of them, Trustee Chris Galloway, and all of the Trustee's "friends" too! This group comprises "Lucci's thugs."

    Lorraine Fende was "hired" as Gran Jury foreman? Interesting. Sounds like quid pro quo.

  3. Fende was hired by Lucci for the Grand Jury foreman's position to prove his loyalty to the LaTourette team and the insiders. At the time, Lucci's former partner, Callender, was looking like he would run against Fende, so it was a real slap at Callender.

  4. We are hearing that Latourette wanted to "eliminate" O'tool because he thinks she talked Bill O'niell into running again.

  5. I love the conspiracy theories on here

  6. Glad we can add some joy to your life! If you only say the half of what the comment moderation committee had to deal with--yeesh!


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