Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Video of Dimora Revealing what We All know about News Media

We know, we know.  This video is about Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora's feud with Plain Dealer reporter Henry Gomez, but it's too funny.  And, it's revealing.

Watch it a second time and pay close attention to what Dimora says about the Plain Dealer slanted coverage of issues.  Dimora is right on target when it comes to the Plain Dealer being in bed with certain special interests and carrying their water.  The same can be said about the News-Herald.  The News-Herald  "endorses" and acts as a public relations firm for various Boards, businesses (e.g. MR/DD, Libraries, Park systems, Classic Auto group, etc.).


  1. The media should JUST TELL THE STORY. Then comes the issue of WHEN do you tell certain stories which are not news - but features,and human interest stories. Determining WHEN a feature story runs would fall under the editor's responsibility. As shown in the above video, the reporter does not get to pick-and-chose who he does a story about, or who he has to interview, but the reporter IS the one who is on the front lines, taking all the heat.

  2. Yhere was a time in America where the press was viewed as the fourth estate. The journalists were sometimes viewed with contempt. If all sides viewed them this way it only served to show they were doing there job. What happened? To great examples this past week. First WEWS News reported on the HOLA demonstration in Painesville. Could that reporter be anymore slanted, and was her job is to report the facts or do commentary? The News-Herald with the MR/DD levy. Yes we are all sympathetic to the plight of the clients but where was the balanced reporting? Now will they follow up and reeport how the eight million is spent? on who, or what?
    Media does news? Tell my how does reporting on American Idol, Dancing with the stars become news? TERM>>


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