Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Issue 5: Lake County Board of MR/DD

No surprise here: The News-Herald endorsed Issue 5, the replacement levy to support Lake county Board of MR/DD.

Based on the "puff pieces" the News-Herald did laying the ground work for this endorsement we were waiting for the actual endorsement.

Issue 5 is being pushed on the public by "Friends of MRDD Citizens Committee" whose Treasurer is Sue Degirolamo.  Ms. Degirolamo is prepared to spend $101, 000 of the political action committee's money to raise your property taxes.  This PAC sent a glossy mailer that claims "-Not A New Tax

That's a lie! Lie!

Issue 5 is a new tax.  Issue 5 will raise your property taxes from about $58 to about $101 per $100, 000.

There is definitely grounds for a complaint about Ms. Degirolamo's misleading campaign literature.

Does anyone in Lake County have the courage to say that this is the wrong time to ask us for more money?  Does one elected official have the courage to lead, and tell the MR/DD Board something like "sorry, you can't ask for more within your means."?  Or, "sorry, we are already paying several of your employees better than $80, 000 a year, making 15% contributions to PERS for them, ..., letting you have a good job."?

Sadly, no.

Instead, our local elected officials bury their heads in the sand, punt to the voters, and stand back while the News-Herald does the heavy lifting.


  1. The governor of Ohio makes $139,353.12. The director of the Lake County MR/DD Board makes almost as much at $135,924.10. Neither of these salaries include benefits, but the gov doesn't take health care benefits. So what's wrong with this picture!

  2. I really hate to believe this, but it seems MR?DD is really there to provide a great living for there employees.
    Will someone explain what is the purpose of sending a young adult with the I.Q. of a one year old to sit at Deepwood all day? First the bus ride and just what are they trying to accomplish?

  3. I would LOVE to see any of the people bashing the employees of Deepwood do their job! You wouldn`t last 1 week! Why do you think places like the LCBofDD exist?? Most of the clients @ the LCBofDD have a broad range of issues. Most are dual diagnosed. I invite you to do the job of an employee that deals with adults that scream most of the day, put their hands in every oriface of thier bodies, then attack you spitting, biting, kicking, grab chuncks of hair out of your head, head butt you, breaking your front teeth,,,deficate on themselves smearing it all over the walls and eating it, try feeding them while making sure they won`t injure you or themselves, try stopping them from beating themselves until theres literally no cheek bones left in their face, try restraining them while their naked,sweating,screaming and about we mainstream them into your kids about you live next door to a family with clients that have bahavorial about you do the job for half of the pay you`ve earned being there over 25 years like whats happening right @ this moment? You get what you pay for.. Any one of you bashers can become disabled at any moment. .


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