Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A lot of Republican's are Supporting tax hikes lately. Where do the Candidates for Commissioner Stand?

Ray Sines is helping Dan Troy and Bob Awful-dish raise the sales tax 0.5%.  Good job RINO Sines.  Right on!

What a disgrace.  Ray Sines. Dan Dunlap. Now, with a heavy heart we have to add Ed Zupancic.  We have always liked Ed Zupancic.  However, today's endorsement of a sales tax increase means Zupancic will lose all kind treatment on these pages.

Ray Sines' parting gift to the taxpayers in Lake County is higher taxes.  Dan Dunlap was worked hard to justify raising taxes on Lake County residents while reducing services.  That is no small feat, Mr. Dunlap!

Why could Ray Sines not just step down and allow the Republican Party in Lake County to appoint a successor, since he is not running for reelection?

The scary part is the number of Republican Office holder's and candidates that either support this tax increase or have supported tax increases (maybe some said they were against an income tax increase, but really were not).

There is a lot of Republicans supporting tax increases lately.

Where do Dave Fiebig, Dick Shreve and Linda Burhenne stand?  Do they support tax increases in this economy?  Do they understand the ramifications of Issue 2 failing?

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