Friday, January 15, 2010

UPDATE (YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST!): Not so fast Tim Grendell! --Someone else is getting appointed!

Yesterday we IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT  Tim Grendell is trying to WILL abandon Lake County.  Sen. Grendell wants the House Seat for the 98th District being vacating by carpet bagger Matt Dolan.  Grendell would leave the 18th district Senate Seat because of term limits in two years.

LAST WEEK Geuaga County's Executive Committee met and heard from the following candidates that all want that 98th District house seat:

1) Tim Grendell, as mentioned,

2) Matt Lynch, Bainbridge Township Trustee (click to see his website, also Matt Lynch is former Euclid Mayor Dave Lynch's brother),

3) Kristina Port, Russel Township Trustee, and

4) some no name.

Here is the skinny:  the Ohio Senate Caucus does not want to spend the $$$$$ defend a Senate Seat vacated my Tim Grendell AND Bill Batcheleder does not want Tim Grendell.  Bill Batchelder will probablly be replacing carpet bagger Matt Dolan with an Republican Party stalwart, Richard Hollington, from Hunting Valley.

The News-Herald confirmed tonight (we reported this weeks ago):

UPDATE: TIM GRENDELL IS SAID TO NOT BE RECEIVING THE APPOINTMENT.  The appointment is going to former State Rep., Richard Hollington, a place holder who is a wealthy Geagua County Republican Party Donor; the seat warmer will not run for re-election.  Instead, Tim Grendell will duke it out with Matt Lynch in a May 4th, 2010 primary for the November 2010 General Election.

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  1. Anybody but Grendell! Throw that bum out of politics.


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