Friday, January 29, 2010

OH-House 98th District Confirmed: Not going to Tim Grendell!

The News-Herald is a couple of weeks behind on a story your faithful blog told you a while ago.  The House Seat for the 98th House District will NOT be given to Tim Grendell---not matter how much Grendell begs!

Grendell did this to himself.  Grendell has ticked off so many people the House Republican Caucus is not appointing him.  Instead, Richard Hollingtion, for State Rep., will be appointed.  Previsouly we told you that Hollington would only be a place Batchelder, the House Caucus Chairman said: "Whether or not Dick runs for the seat or serves as interim is up to him."

Not so fast Tim Grendell!!!  The seat may still not be yours!

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