Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ohio House Races in Lake County: OH-62 and OH-63 (more minor edits)

First the speculation:  former State Rep. Jamie Callendar WILL run against Rep. "Liberal" Loraine Fende for the OH-62 State House Race.  Former Rep. Callendar has pulled petitions according to staff at Lake County's BOE; confirmed by telephone.  Callender told a source that he "has this one in the bag."

The question is, does Callender have the roughly $100, 000 it will take to beat "liberal" Loraine the entrenched Western Lake County do nothing?

Not yet.

Both candidates have their problems.  First, Liberal Lorraine is  "the accidental politician."  Liberal Lorraine was plucked from her Red Cross job, making coffee at blood drives, and placed on Willowick City Council by her then Willowwick Police Chief Dad.  After ten years of haning out on City Council, Liberal Lorraine, was elected Mayor with no oppostion.  Ten years of taking up space in the Willowwick Mayor's Office gave Liberal Loraine 20 years of elected service in Western Lake County.  To top it off: Liberal Loraine has been "dating" Willoughby Munipcal Court Judge Larry Allen.  Of course, Judge Allen uses the fear his judgeship puts in people's hearts to get his bed fellow re-elected year-after-year.

Callender has his problems as candidate....  Callender and his wife had a nasty split that caused one to walk out on the other...stories of what happened are varied.  The bigger problem is that Callender can not effectively call Liberal Loraine TAX RAISER....Callender voted for tax increases proposed by Bob Taft; in fact, sources tell us he issued a press release calling Taft's budget "courageous."

Bottom line in OH-62:  Callender and Liberal Loraine will extend their personal soap operas to the air waves and run attack adds.  However, Liberal Loraine will pull it out.

Now onto OH-63.

We all know Rep.  Mark Schnieder was elected to a district he moved into just to run for office:  Schnieder is a carpet bagger.  To make matters worse State Sen. Tim Grendell endorsed Mark Schenider, which basically cost Carrol Anne Schindel the race in 2008.  Everyone can see Mark Schnieder is a blow hard and carpet bagger; actually he looks like a used car salesman.

Enter former State Rep. Ron Young.  Ron round served in the Ohio house from 1997 - 2004, until term limits prevented him frmo running again.  Ron Young then ran for Lake County Treasurer; Ron young was defeated badly by Lake County Treasurer John Crocker.  However, this should not hurt Ron Young too badly.  That is of course, becuase he is running against Mark Schiender.

Ron Young has something important going for him:  Mark Schnieder raised your taxes.  Roun Young voted against the Bob Taft tax hike debacle.  Ron Young will HAMMER Schnieder on raising taxes.

Bottom line:  Ron Young will win a close race.  House Minority Leader Bill Batcheleder recruited Ron Young and will see that he gets the money.  Ron Young will win a close race.

Note:  Jamie Callender can not use the tax hike card too much.  Jamie Callender voted for the bob Taft tax hike debacle.  Therefore, he must be careful what he says about Liberal Loraine's tax hiking.


  1. Missed a couple of facts- Callender moved to Concord well before his first wife filed for divorce, He is still in the family home, with his children. He did re-marry a younger woman- at least she will say she is.
    The Taft tax increase is a problem- but is pennies compared to what Loraine has done over the last six years.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It confirms just what I was getting at with Callender. You said "Callender moved to Concord well before his first wife filed for divorce,...." That's my point exactly!

    Even though I did not miss any said facts-plural. But, you only pointed out one.

  3. Sorry for the lack of clarity- Callender AND his former wife, moved to Concord, together. In other words, he didn't leave, she did. He didn't leave his family (he and his children are still in the Concord home). They were ALL living in Concord for a couple of years prior to his former wife filing for divorce.
    Thus the facts that were incorrect were 1)leaving his wife (she left) and 2) leaving his family (plain old not true, his daughter in particular is ALWAYS with him) and 3) leaving his willowick home as part of the above.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, however, because he DID end up with a younger woman very soon thereafter, and he DID vote for the Taft tax (and thus lost a Senate race).
    I have not heard that he is confident of winning, but rather that he knows it is an uphill battle (maybe another fact issue?)but he is being heavily recruited by Batchelder with commitments of funding (significantly more than the 100K you mentioned).

  4. Thank-you for the clarification...I am honest enough to admit that things can be spun wrong.... Maybe calling him or you (this might be you mind you) a personal train wreck was harsh.

    You are right, $100, 000 K is on the low end.

    I can't stand Liberal Lorain and her tax hikes, and fee increases, and that she uses sleeping with a judge to strike fear in the hearts of republican and democrat alike.

  5. Thanks- I am me, but not he... in fact not I am not a "he" at all! I am a friend of Jamie's, though, and he is the first to admit his personal issues may cloud the race. We are all upset over the last few years- the last two of GOP rule and now the Strickland debacle. How is it possible to "retroactively" increase taxes, have the largest tax increase in Ohio history, and yet still cut our local schools so much that THEY feel compelled to raise even more taxes? Whether he is the "perfect" candidate or not, we cannot afford to allow the D's to keep control in Columbus (or Washington).

  6. I can admit when I am wrong...or lapsed in judgement...I care more about credibility and the truth.

    Anyhow, all things being equal this will be a "good" race if you like politics. Callender WILL take Fende to the mat. I am hoping for attack adds: that's politics.

    As you can see I am no friend or supporter of Liberal Loraine (see above). Fende has done nothing but raise taxes; Fende retroactively raised taxes for 2009 by 4.2%...and raised them for 2010. Also, Fende signed onto "One Term" Ted "tax hike's" Strickland's fee increases.

    I am disappointed to learn that Callender voted for the Taft tax hike debacle a few years ago; therefore, he will have a hard time hitting Liberal Loraine on tax hikes.

    Please stay tuned. There will be a lot more news coming!

  7. Ron Young? Are we going to go down that road again? Schneider also managede to get Painesville 2 million dollars to tear down a funtioning hospital, Why?
    Can we have a third choice please.
    Both of these gentlemen are losers

  8. I would like to personally thank you for your assistance in this matter. Without you, I might have had a difficult challenge, but with your wonderful blog, you have helped run the only one in the district that could have beaten me out of the race.
    I really appreciate it, and I will repay you with significant tax increases over the next two years.

  9. No problem Loraine! Callender voted for tax increases under Taft, so he probably would NOT have been a help. For instance, Callender would probably voted for the 4.2% retroactive tax increase and issued a press release calling Ted Strickland and Armond Budish courageous.


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