Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tim Grendell is trying to Leave us

State Senator Tim Grendell is lobbying Ohio House Representative Minority Leader Bill Batchelder to take the State Representative seat, in Ohio's 98th House District, vacated today by carpet bagger Matt Dolan.  Matt Dolan resigned from the Ohio House, the 98th district's seat, today in order to move to Cuyahoga County's Chagrin Falls; Dolan wants to be Cuyahoga County Executive.

Sources tells us Sen. Grendell, who represents Ohio's 18th Senate District, is lobbying Senate President Bill Harris to appoint his wife Judge Dianne Grendell to the Senate Seat he would vacate if appointed to Dolan's seat.

Why all the shell games with the Grendell's?  Well...Sen Grendell is term limited out in two years...but, if appointed to the Ohio House seat he could run for four more terms...four more terms of Tim Grendell.

Don't get me wrong...I agree with a lot of Sen. Grendell's votes and the the stands he takes...I really do.  But, does Sen. Grendell think Geauga County can't live without him?

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