Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dan Troy and Gov't Reform

Lake County Commissioner Board President Dan Troy is a vice Chair of the Ohio Commission for Local Government Reform.

See the News-Herald.com article here.

Having Dan Troy as any part of an entity studying Gov't reform is the dictionary definition of "The wolf watching the hen's house."

Dan Troy is a career politician; Dan Troy is a double-dipper. Both of these facts should him from studying local Gov't reform. Dan Troy is part of the problem.

Do you think Dan Troy will suggest cost saving measures such as the elimination of duplicated services at the City and County Levels? Do you think Dan Troy will suggest eliminating the positions of some local elected officials and/or the civil service employees that work for them?

How about having some tax paying citizens who do not receive pay checks, b preculde enefits, AND a pension from public dollars study local Gov't reform.


  1. I think they should throw out the constitution let Obama be president until he dies.

  2. I appreciate your comment figuratively. It appears that in Lake County Dan Troy would agree with you! Dan Troy looks at elections with disdain. He has been quoted as saying that elections cost a lot and are hard on the budget.


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