Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Madison: hold onto to your wallets!

Get ready Madison School District...the new School Board is coming...hold onto your wallets! The spills the beans on the new Madison School Board's Plan to "stick it to the tax payers," by asking for the approval of bond issue to match State tax dollars for school construction. Here is the article. This quote sets the stage:

The clock is ticking for the Madison School Board to get on next year's ballot to again seek approval of a bond issue to rebuild its campuses and a separate operating levy to halt deficit spending.

These two quotes from the article give us some hope for Madison

We haven't passed any new money in 20 years, and the deficit levy has nothing to do with the school construction project
The five-member school board saw 2007 voters reject a combined $33.6 million (4.81-mill) bond issue for reconstruction and a 0.5-mill, 23-year operating levy to avoid school financing deficits

I think the people of Madison have shown great fiscal discipline by keeping the school board and teacher's union at bay for twenty years!

I simply don't care what excuse the article offers. For the record, the article makes the case on behalf of the new school board elect that if they do not pass the bond issue Madison will miss out on millions of State tax dollars.

Too bad. I don't want you to have those tax dollars either.

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