Friday, December 11, 2009

Delay of Game: Port Authority pushes report and public meetings back a few months

According to the story, here, Lake County Port Authority Officials are delaying the feasibility study and report on Lost Nation Airport. Don't worry though, the Port Authority Executive Director says report is going well!

I wonder if the problem is really that Jim Brown, Port Authority Board Member and Lost Nation Fixed Based Operator (FBO), needs more time to convince fellows Port Board members that the prudent thing to do is buy the Airpot from the City of Willoughby.

Shame on Willoughby City Council for Authorizing Mayor Dave Anderson's request to enter into a contract with Jim Brown as the FBO for Lost Nation Airport.

I bet you that the report will conclude by suggesting that Lake County needs the Lost Nation Airport and that the Port Authority must make financial arrangements to buy it from Willoughby!


  1. A little off subject but could you explain where Painesville Village is? [Its called the township]
    While your at it could you spell Painesville correctly?

  2. actually anonymous #1, according to the auditor's website, it is called painesville city. if you are on the auditor's website and would like to see the pending sales transactions for painesville in the last month, there is a drop down menu and that is where it is called painesville city. If that is all you have to mention from this blogger's post, it seems like you might be bored.


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