Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wickliffe School Board Saga

As the school book turns?

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) cleared Vicki Wheatley of any wrong doing that may have endangered her educator's license. A News-Herald article discusses the recent development here.

The Wickliffe Schools have been like the Wild West this year. During the past election there were political action committees operating illegally, instults traded between board members and teachers, ..., the Vicki Wheatley saga, ..., and new school board members to boot!

Anyhow, Vicki Wheatley was the principle of Wickliffe Highschool. At the end of last school year Ms. Wheately was put on paid administrative leave by the school district over an issue involving the placement of students in classes for credit that occured at the same time and possibily graduating students with enough credits according to the ODE, but not Wickliffe's School Board.

With that said...Ms Wheatley has maintained her innocence and has been vindicated as far as we are concerned. Congrats Ms. Wheately! I hope your federal law suit teaches the Wickliffe School Board and Kathleen Cintavey a lesson.

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