Monday, December 28, 2009

Double Dipping

Last week the News-Herald ran a story about so-called "double dipping. Here is a link to the story by Dianne Ryder.

The definition of "double-dip" is to "obtain income in two different ways, usually in an illicit matter."

Precisely, the double-dipping that we are referring to is the act of of a Public Employee, that is elected official (e.g. Auditor, County Commissioner, etc.); civil servant (e.g. teacher, superintendent, county administrator, other county employee, city worker) retires from public service and is re-hired after a short period. Upon re-hire the retired public employee collects the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) pension AND the salary at the position they were re-hired to fill.

This activity is rampant everywhere. In Lake County Commissioners Dan Troy and Bob Aufuldish served for many years as elected officials and now collections OPERS pensions and salaries as County Commissioners.

Superintendent Keith Miller of the Willoughby-Eastlake Schools is retired and collecting a pension while serving as WEL Superintendent.

With unemployment ballooning...the young not being able to find we need elected officials, city, county and state civil servants collecting a pension and a salary? Should they be taking up valuable jobs after decades of service?

Mind you: DOUBLE-DIPPING IS LEGAL IN OHIO. But, is it ethical?

Anyone want to point out more double-dippers?


  1. Yes The double dipping or retire-rehire has to stop. The economy does not support it anymore. You would think Ohio with the high unemployment would tell the retires to go home and injoy there retirement and open the job market up. And with all the bad budgets in Ohio this only makes common sense. And we do not vote someone in to double dip. And the kids coming out of collage to teach can not get jobs because of the double dipping. And that makes it hard for them to pay there loans. WOW Or is this just another way the government is paying some or someone off

  2. Right and it is not just Judges doing it. There Sheriffs doing it all over the state. There are Prosecutors doing it all over the state. There are county Commissioners doing it all over the state. This is alot bigger than most know or think. This is alot of money. It is time the elected ones fix this or get voted out from the top down

  3. Yes i looked in to this double dipping or retire-rehire thing. It is gone on in the Schools, TWP,Villages,Towns,Citys,Count ys, and even the State of Ohio. Ya it is not just one little Judge. I would like to see a good inspiring Reporter dig into this and see how deep and how high this is. It will take a Reporter from a larg City because most small towns have relatives doing this and it would get stopped. I seen that happen in the town I live in and it was on this double dipping or retire-rehire thing. Ok we will see if there is anyone out there that will pick it up.

  4. Lake County Auditor, Ed Zupancic - how much money does one person need?? He makes $89000 a year and gets his pension on top of that??? Let's add insult to injury and just pass along that Ed, his wife and 3 kids/family members are paid, with our Lake County tax dollars (not including Ed's pension) about $1,250,000 a year.

  5. Yikes. I didn't know Zupancic had three family members besides his wife on the county pay roll.

    We do have to admit that we have some bias toward Ed Zupancic. We have said that Ed Zupancic is the text book definition of an auditor.

    Just sayn' for full disclosure.

    What departments do the other three family members work for?

  6. His wife works for the Board of Elections and the other three. . .gotta find the notes.


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