Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tim Grendell and State Senators May have to Work on Christmas

Governor Strickland is threatening to keep Ohio's Senate in Session by proclamation, allowed by State Constitution, in order to force a budget compromise on a $851 million budget shortfall: EVEN ON CHRISTMAS!

See the Plain Dealer article here.

Governor Strickland has BADLY,BADLY, BADLY bungled the State budget for 2010: video lottery terminals fell through, less stimulus money than bloated State Government needed came through, so now the Governor's fix is raise taxes 4.2% for the next year.

To be fair, Stickland proposed and Ohio's Legislature agreed to suspend the 4.2% income tax cut for this year that was signed into law a few years ago.

Both Loraine Fende and Mark Schneider, the State Representatives for Lake county, agreed with the Governor and voted to raise your taxes.

Ohio's Senate is NOT going along with the plan, YET.

Will Tim Grendell and other State Senator's defend our pocket books and say "no" to the tax hike?

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  1. RINO, Please tell us again your solution, not being smart, where do you raise taxes,or cut services again its easy to make a demand without suggesting an answer.


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