Monday, March 8, 2010

Credit is Given Where Credit is Due: Lake Metro Parks Budget

Last week we posted link to a ridiculous video of the Lake Metro Parks Board's budget hearing; the video was rediculous in the sense that it was obviously staged.

The News-Herald covers the latest on the Lake Metro Parks budget here, and we draw from the News-Herald article for quotes below.

However, we do have to point out that Lake Metro Parks is proposing and approving a zero-net increase budget.  In addition to that the Parks System is still able to move forward with infrastructure improvement projects and new vehicle purchases.
Considered a zero-net-increase request from the budget approved in 2009, this year's $13,891,473 proposed General Fund operating budget is slightly down from last year's $13,893,679 budget.
If they can achieve this with no increase in funds from last year...hey...more power to them.

One part of the article that concerns us is that a 2% pay increase for employees is tentatively budgeted, sort of....
Lake Metroparks also plans to scale back its vehicle replacement program — from 13 vehicles to 10 — and hold off on pay raises, thought it might have enough cash to offer its employees up to 2 percent at a later date, pending park board approval.
Another public employees raise while private sector employees wages are stagnant, really?

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