Monday, March 22, 2010


Months ago WE warned you about the Public Utilities Commission, the consequences of the Ohio General Assembly's so-called Energy Bill, and electric rates.

This morning we pointed out that Rep. Lorraine Fende has spent her time preventing snow piles from being put in handicap spots.

Rep. Mark Schneider can not escape blame either here.  Schneider has showed he loves raising taxes, fees, and the like.  But, at least he shows us a pulse and gets out and talks to companies.

Then we have this morning Plain Dealer article bemoaning First Energy's doubling of commercial electric rates.

You can read the Plain Dealer's linked article here. Here are some scary quotes from the PD's article:
Small manufacturers, small office building owners and apartment developers say the utility's changes in commercial rates have been devastating.
John Vaught, chief executive officer of Tri-Cast Ltd., an Akron metal casting foundry about a 15-minute drive from FirstEnergy's headquarters, said he is talking to economic development officials in Tennessee, who are promising low power prices.

What FirstEnergy has done to its rates will drive others who use a lot of electricity out of the region, Vaught predicted.

What has Lorraine Fende done for us lately?  She has voted to increase taxes, raise fees and fines, and done nothing to make Ohio's commercial climate a better place to do business.

Businesses are afraid, unemployment is high, companies are threatening to leave.

What's Lorraine Fende do?  Nothing substantive.  Natta. Zip.  Maybe her and Judge Larry Allen can finally get some peace and retire in another State.

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