Monday, March 22, 2010


The News-Herald has edited the linked story at least three times that we can tell; both Judge Eugen "Gene" Lucci and Judge Colleen O'toole have filed elections complaints against each other.  You can read the details in the linked News-Herald Story.

Bottom line: these complaints are petty and a smoke screen meant to deter from the real issues.

The real issues are the candidates' 1) personal track record, and 2)professional track record.  The order is not necessarily a reflection of the importance.

Both Judges have an extensive and well documented track record.

You can visit Judge O'toole's website here.  You can visit Judge Lucci's website here.  These are the hompages.

Dig a little deeper: Lucci's bio and O'toole's bio.

So far, Judge O'toole has taken the high road.  According to well placed sources and observers Judge Lucci started the attack in early March with vicious letter claiming that Judge O'toole is overturned 78% of the time and that a coin flip would get cases right more often than her.  That's politics I guess.

But, has Judge O'toole pointed out that Judge Lucci is considered to have some moral misgivings by many?  Sources tell us that Judge Lucci left his wife for a Yoga instructor about half his age; we already reported this a few months ago, but in light of Judge Lucci's attacks we need to point it out again.

Who is behind the agressive campaign?  Sources tells us Trustee Chris Galloway is running Judge's Lucci's campaign, that is, Chris Galloway's Red State Strategies political consulting firm.

Anyhow, there are plenty of issues to talk about.

How about Judge Lucci's ruling in favor of property owners' rights to their land between the natural high water mark on Lake Erie and the low water line.  The News-Herald covered the fact that Ohio Supreme Court will take this issue up.

Let's get back to the issues of record here, like these rulings.


  1. Is Lucci still dating the Yoga instructor?

  2. Yes. But, we are not sure "dating" is the right word to use.


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