Monday, March 8, 2010

Lake County commissioners send levy to ballot - The News-Herald News : News coverage for Northern Ohio

Lake County commissioners send levy to ballot - The News-Herald News : Breaking news coverage for Northern Ohio  This is actually a few weeks old, but we need to bring the story back up to prepare for war.

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We told a few weeks ago that the Lake County Commissioners would love to raise taxes, especially the sales taxes.  However, Commissioner Dan Troy is up for re-election so you can bet he will wait until after November to try and raise the sales tax.

The tax-hike discussed in linked article and video is a 3.4 mill replacement levy for the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  The levy would confiscate and additional $58.20 per $100, 000 of real property value.

As usual, Kathy Sak does a great job by posting public documents; for instance, she posted the salaries of all the Developmental Disabilities Board employees.

We are planning an all out assault on the levy: read-up, watch the video, and get ready to rumble!!!

Note to Commissioners: Our work on this blog was instrumental in defeating the proposed legislation  to raise taxes in Willoughby Hills, so you better rest assured that we will go after this one harder!

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  1. Where do we signup? The only trouble I see ahead is getting the word out. I follow 3 blogs. that mention this Kathysak, Whats Happening Painesville and yours. What kind of reach into the communities do you think these three sites will have? Enough?


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