Monday, March 1, 2010

Slipping and Sliding in Ashtabula

The City of Ashtabula did something unprecedented over the week-end: The streets of Ashtabula went unplowed from 3:00 PM Friday until 11:00 PM Sunday.  Fox 8 in Cleveland covers the story here.

According to the story the City of Ashtabula is facing an $862,000 deficit.  In order to combat this deficit the City decided it would not allow overtime pay for snow plow drivers this past week-end.

No doubt that this decision made life difficult this week-end, and could have endangered the lives of motorists!

DISCLAIMER: We do not know the detail of Ashtabula's budget, or the steps taken to try and deal with this defict.

Its a safe bet though that the Astabula City Leaders could have found another way to deal with the deficit, safer than leaving roads unplowed though.

More than likely this may have been a political stunt used to grease the wheels of the political machine for some sort of tax increase.

Question: Why did Ashtabula City Leaders not suspend pensions fund payments instead?  Illegal you are thinking?  Maybe.  But it is a better solution than leaving roads unplowed for ambulances, fire trucks, etc.

If I lived in Ashtabula I would dig my heels in!  I would say, go ahead, cut services!  Cut more!  It's about time!

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