Monday, March 22, 2010

What has Lorraine Done for Us Lately?!

Before we talk about this issue let's just get the following out of the way: the weaker among us (e.g. developmentally disabled, handicapped, down trodden, etc.) need to be treated well by us as a society.  There is no doubt that we are a compassionate society and will continue to be so.

However, when you are a do-nothing, tax hiking legislative loser like Lorraine Fende we have capitalize on this opportunity. The News-Herald told us last week about House Bill (H.B.) 39 that was introduced by Lorraine Fende and approved by the Ohio House.

H.B. 39 makes it illegal to pile snow in handicap spots.  Fine.  

But, this is the only thing we here from Lorraine Fende on?  When was the last time she introduced a piece of legislation that was passed into law?  Anyone? Anyone?

Feel free to jump in!

Ohio's rate of unemployment is north of 10%, taxes are sky rocketing, so does Lorraine Fende introduce legislation to reduce taxes, make a better economic environment for Ohio?  


What has Lorraine Fende done for us lately?

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