Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Painesville Power Plant gets a BAILOUT

The local fishwrap has a story today about a $3.74 million grant given to Painsville in order to help its city-run power plant comply with House Bill 221.

This grant to the Painesville power plant is a bail out due to the Ohio Legislature's meddling in power production and utilities.

Ohio House Bill 221 is the wrong-headed attempt by State lawmakers to force utilities into using more so-called green power and green sources for power generation.

Sure, we at this blog love technology; internet, computers, smart phones, high definition name it! All these things require electricity to work! All the homes and offices that these devices require gas to heat them!

You get the drift!

However, everything the Government gets involved in ends up screwed up! Take Ohio's attempts via House Bill 221 to get people to conserve electricity.

Guess what the utilities did?! The local electric utility decided it was pass out two compact fluorescent bulbs at a cost of almost $22. Last time I checked six bulbs could be bought for $12 at Lowe's.

The extra cost was due to the revenue that the utility would lose due to less demand.

So, the tax payers make-up the utilities' we give $3.74 million to the Painsville power plant?

Every time the government does something it costs us money!

Thanks a lot Painsville! We are bailing out your power plant...that's what this boils down to!


  1. This was money received through the stimulus bill.
    Tell me where are the jobs?
    At least the AMP plant is dead now. Wonder what they will scare us with next?

  2. "The local electric utility decided it was pass out two compact fluorescent bulbs at a cost of almost $22."

    You make it sound like the "local electric utility" is Painesville power plant.
    Not so.
    This was an idea of First Energy.


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