Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey Lake County: the taxes are coming, the taxes are coming!

A News-Herald article by John Arthur Hutchinson describes the wailing and gnashing of teeth by Lake County administrators about declining sales tax revenue. Read here.

Here is a snippet from the article:

Lake County commissioners weren't pleased Tuesday to learn that sales tax collections for August were down 11.5 percent when compared with August 2008. The data reflect a time when the federal Cash for Clunkers auto program was in full swing.

Even with the Federal Government's attempt to stimulate spending, we were still short! The article states that Lake County is projected to receive $ 1.17 million in sales tax proceeds, which is down $153, 230 from last year.

Wow! That is all the sales tax revenue decreased? I thought it would have been much worse.

Can you believe Commissioner Ray Sines skepticism about the sales tax figures?

I bet the sales tax are not going to get better in communities saddled with increased taxation due to new levies. Furthermore, can you imagine what will happen if a large chunk of the county (e.g. Mentor) is socked with a property tax or income tax increase.

Sadly, the commissioners appear to be setting the stage for tragedy: a tax increase in Lake County.

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