Friday, November 13, 2009

It Ain't Over 'Till All the Votes Are Counted: here come the ballots!

It has been ten days today since the November 3rd General Election! That means the Lake County Board of Election can start counting the late absentees and provisional ballots!

The Eastlake mayor's race was a lot of fun to watch. The Ugrincic Machine could not topple Mayor Andrzejewski .

However, as you can see Wickliffe's Mayor's race and Ward 1 is up for grabs! Can Councilman Levar rally?

The News-Herald chronicles the details here, but here's a quote from their article:

* The race for Wickliffe Council Ward 1 has 33 outstanding ballots left with a two-vote difference between the two candidates. James Bala received 620 votes, and Terri Jo Rotondo had 618 votes.

* The Wickliffe mayoral contest had a difference of 52 votes with 120 outstanding ballots left between the two candidates. Bill Margalis received 2,340 votes; Gordon F. Levar received 2,288 votes.

* For North Perry Village Council, voters selected four candidates with difference of four votes among three candidates vying for the fourth spot, and 11 outstanding ballots remain. Joe Stinson Jr. received 190 votes, Lorrie J. Taylor had 186 votes, and Michael Zinn had 186 votes.

* For Riverside School Board, voters selected three candidates with a difference of 37 votes between third and fifth place, with 139 outstanding ballots left in Painesville Township. Richard Radcliffe received 3,832 votes, Brian Kolkowski received 3,795 votes, and Thomas J. Trombley received 3,705 votes.

* For Madison School Board, voters selected three candidates with a 62-vote difference between third and fourth place, and 122 outstanding ballots left (92 in Madison Township and 30 in Madison Village). Duane H. Frager received 1,746 votes and Michael Legeza received 1,710 votes.

* For Kirtland School Board, 43 outstanding ballots remain. Voters selected three candidates with a difference of 11 votes between third and four place. Timothy E. Kehres received 1,194 votes and Keith A. McCrory garnered 1,183 votes.


  1. Here's hoping Levar and Rotondo can pull it out!

  2. Gordon Levar is a FEW votes down. While I am not going to advocate for or against either candidate I will say that this can go either way.

    After the rest of the votes are counted, and the election is certified either candidate can request a recount at there own expense (approx $25 or $50 a precinct). If the final percentage of total votes is withon 0.5% an automatic recount kicks in.

    Nail biter!


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