Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dan Troy and Your Wallet

This past week Lake County Commissioners Dan Troy (D) and Ray Sines (R) sparred verbally over a cut proposed by Sines to the fee paid by homeowners in communities participating the Lake County Storm Management Program according to a News-Herald article.

At the last Commissioner meeting Commisoner Troy and Commissioner Aufuldish (D) voted to keep the rate the same. Commissioner Sines proposed a cut of 10% for both residential and non-residential participants in the program. However, the proposal gained no traction with either of the two Commissioners.

Commissioner Troy scoffed at Sines proposal by saying it is an "arbitrary cut." Sines, however, noted that It would be a good sign by the commissioners to say we understand the economy is tough," Sines said. "This is one way we can reduce the obligation of property owners in the county."

Lake County residents seem to be generous folks; just about every local tax levy passed on this past Tuesday! But, don't play us for a fool!

Commissioner Troy's pompous remark that any cut is "arbitrary" is wrong-headed. Everyone is watching every penny! If a couple of bucks is not a big deal to you Mr. Troy, how about you pay someone's increased property taxes in a participating community affected by the passage of levies?!

UPDATE: Apparently Geuaga County Residents could use an "arbitrary cut." According to a News-Herald article found here, 753 Geauga County property owners are $456, 217.55 behind on sewer bills. These late sewer bills will result in $54, 746.10 in fines. I wonder if everybody in Lake County who owns property is up-to-date? My guess would be NO! I bet an dollar off the bill would help Lake County Residents. Tisk tisk Commissioner Troy! Have some compassion for your constituents. Do you make so much money a couple of bucks is "arbitrary" to you?


  1. This Matricula Card debate that the commissionersware having will doom Dan Troys next run for commissioner. The other two will follow.By the commissioners own admission the card is worthless and cannot be verified. People have brought bags of signatures to the meetings and the three just ignore the request. The question should also be which county commissioner has a realative that hires illegals to use in his business?
    If you are feed up with this reaction from our elected officals please attend the Anti-Amnesty Rally Saturday at noon in Painesvilles Veteransw Park

  2. I will be there!

    Hiring illegals is not right! I know there is an employment card that needs to be filled out to verify if you are legal to work in the US. How come I have to sign one!!!????

    Anyhow, Commisoner Sines BARELY WON RE-ELECTION.

    Sources tell us Comissioner Sines thought he lost on election night and did not show up at Steve Latourette's victory party.

    Here is the result:

    County Commissioner (1-2-09)
    Vote For One (1) 1

    Judy Moran (DEM) . . . . . . . . ... 54,040 49.85
    Raymond E. Sines (REP) . . . . . . 54,375 50.15
    Total . . . . . . . . . 108,415


    The other commissioner CRUSHED THE OPPOSITION!

    County Commissioner (1-3-09)
    Vote For One (1) 1
    Robert E. Aufuldish (DEM) . . . . . . 63,412 58.01
    Raymond C. Somich (REP). . . . . . 45,908 41.99
    Total . . . . . . . . . 109,320

    However, Ray Somich was the better candidate in terms of what the county needs; someone with a business sense.

  3. Hate to disagree, but didn't he just get elected to Willoughby Hills council and within days of the election run for county commissioner. That what doomed him with most voters. I believe you shouldn't hold one office or less then a month and run for another where is your conviction ?
    The persons right about that card it will doom all three in the end.


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