Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update: State Gov't trying to Seize More of Your Money: Form a Line!

Yesterday we discussed how our two State Representatives in Lake County voted to suspend our 4.2% income decrease.

How will the State Senator, Tim Grendell, that represents Lake County vote?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer covers a story detailing recent wrangling over this matter in the Ohio Senate, here.

Knowing that republicans, some in an election year, like to bellow from the roof tops about keeping taxes low...I thought this issue would never make it to a vote! I am shocked.

Anyhow, the Ohio House put a provision in their version of the bill to lower salary of State Wide Elected Officials by %4.2 where permitted by the State Constitution. The Senate version of the bill strips the pay cut out and makes a separate bill: Senate bill 209.

In order for the bill to pass five republican state senators would have to break with caucus and join the twelve democrats.

I don't think this is likely.

Stay tuned!


  1. LakeCountyOH what are your ideas to close the shortfall in Ohio's budget? I haven't received the 4.2 tax cut yet, but you call it a tax increase. Show me in numbers the we would all have to live with where you make your cuts.

  2. LakeCounty what its easy to complain but not give a workable solution?


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