Monday, November 9, 2009

It Aint' Over 'till All the Votes are Counted: Wickliffe Mayor's Race

This past General Election has come and gone. Hats off to Lake County Board of Elections Director Janet F. Clair and her staff; Election Day seems to have gone smoothly since no major problems, irregularities, etc have surfaced yet. According to the Lake County BOE's website The voter turnout in Lake County was 45.07%.

This past election cycle had some heated municipal races: Eastlake Mayor Ted Andrzejewski fended of the Ugrincic Machine's bid to elect retired law enforcement officer Walt Ugrincic, and Council President Bill Margalis leads Councilman Gordon Levar by 52 votes. As of right now election results are UNOFFICIAL! Council President Bill Margalis' 2,340 (50.56%) votes may not be enough to hold onto the lead over Councilman Levar's 2,288 votes (49.44%); this is the vote with 9 of 9 precincts counted. An automatic recount would kick-in if the FINAL, OFFICIAL vote tally is than one half of one percent.

Why the Lake County Resident, politico, and the like asks!?

As of now there are about 3, 000 votes to still be counted county-wide according to our sources at the BOE. These 3,000 votes include late absentees post marked by the correct date and provisional ballots.

If Council President Margalis holds on his time would be divided between the part-time Mayor's Post and his full-time job as a County Administrator.

In other Wickliffe election news it appears that Incumbent Councilman Matt Jaworski was defeated Ronald P. Ely with an unofficial vote count of 600 to 539, respectively. Tough loss for a hard working young man; hopefully Jaworski picks himself up...dusts off and gets back on the horse quickly.

Stay tuned. We have to talk about that brutal school board race!

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