Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sad day in Lake County: Layoffs

It is with a heavy heart that I share the linked News-Herald story, here. Sheriff Dan Dunlap had to cut $1 million from the department's $15 million budget.

Here is what the News-Herald had to say about what was cut:

The sheriff's office already has planned measures that will cut about $900,000 from its budget. They include closing the minimum security jail in Painesville Township, laying off 13 full-time corrections officers, one part-time officer, one full-time clerk and one part-time clerk. The office is eliminating the Road Patrol K-9 Program and closing the front door security post at the Lake County Court of Common Pleas. A deputy who is retiring also will not be replaced.

Sheriff Dunlap made a good point in the article:

Sheriff Daniel Dunlap explained that the cuts are painful, unwanted but unavoidable. It would be impossible to cut more than $1 million from a $15 million budget without cutting staff.

This point is a good one, but the reality is sad.

However, with the County Commissioners already setting the stage for a sales tax increase, the City of Mentor contemplating higher income taxes and/or property taxes, higher taxes in Willoughby (school and library levy), Willoughby Hills (road levy renewal, school levy, library levy), ..., sigh.

LAyoffs in the county and higher taxes; what are elected officials in these communities thinking?

Better yet, what are the voters thinking allowing elected officials to raise the taxes?

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