Saturday, November 28, 2009

Can we Afford Higher Utility Costs Now?

Many in Lake County are serviced by First Energy. Even in communities that participate in the popular NOPEC program still have their electricity delivered by First Energy and billed by them.

Not too long ago the State of Ohio passed legislation that allowed for competition in the utilities market. The North East Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) ensued as not-for-profit lobby force that negotiated betters rates with outside suppliers for participating communities. The result: 12% discount on electricity in NOPEC communities.

However, the State Legislature passed a law last year that required utilities to reduce sales, reduce output, use re-newable sources for generating power, etc.

The result was First Energy trying to charge you $21 for two light bulbs! A firestorm ensued!

First Energy is back at it again, and is asking for more time to craft a similar plan. The Plain Dealer covers it here.

There is a push to implement "smart grid" technologies that will help us reduce utility costs in the midst of all this legislation. For instance, the "smart grid" technology would internet based communications to communicate with the energy grid about your energy consumption.

No problem. Technology is great, so is the internet! We could all try to use our resource better. But, using less should not cost us more.

Can Lake County Residents afford higher utility rates in the face of all the tax levies and decreasing wages?

What do you think?


  1. Its all Obama's fault Wakeup

  2. The water dept did, so did the gas company, an d now the electric companies. They told us to conserve and we did. Now, it's cutting into their profits, so they're going to charge more. We should have never cut back. My family has been walking around our house in the winter wearing sweaters. And what for? For my bill to just go up anyway!

  3. I know...I know....

    Our thermostat is set at 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Every bulb is compact fluorescent. The hot water tank is turned down. The washer and the dryer are high efficiency.

    Its so cold at night the dog jumps under our covers!

    I have never used less gas, water, and electricity in my life!

    However, bills keep going up.

    My favorite trick is the $12.50 service charge by Dominion East Ohio every month. Even you use zero gas...guess what! Your bill is $12.50!

    The Public Utilities Commission enables the Utility Companies.


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