Monday, November 9, 2009

It Aint' Over 'till All the Votes are Counted: Madison School Board

We told you that It ain't over 'till all the votes are counted in Wickliffe. It ain't over in Madison either!

Displaced Madison Schools Employee Theresa Ward maintains an UNOFFICAL 14 vote edge over self-employed financial planner Duane Frager according to results posted on the Lake County Board of Elections Website.

The News-Herald points out what we said already, there are a lot of uncounted votes at 105 Main Street in the vault protected by Director Janet F. Clair. The News-Herald says there is about 2,800 uncounted votes. Soucres tell us it may be over 3, 000 votes left to count due to late absentees post marked by the correct date and provisional ballots.

Put rally caps on, or hope for the big stop...depending on who you are rooting for!

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